Wyvern Knoll (Creed of the 21 Dragons - Book 01)

For Oranyon being bullied was an unexpected subject at the Mage Tower in White Spire. Her mage orb, Buzzwig, helped her to offset the disability that crippled her magic, but was also the catalyst of events that would alter her life forever.

Eight years after she entered the Mage Tower an innocent young apprentice, she graduated as a full mage and went to live a quiet life as the Lady Mage of her Uncle’s rural estate of Wyvern Knoll. Her plans of peace and healing after her traumatic experience at the Mage Tower are dashed when she meets the handsome and daring Captain Thorin. Thorin shows Oranyon that she is a Dragon Mage. They are bound together by magic and his mysterious dragon mark. But there are no more dragons on Purgulus. Thorin tells her of his quest to discover the secrets of the Creed of the 21 Dragons. In a search for answers, Oranyon is thrust back into the drama that is the Mage Tower. Only there can she find The Codex of the All Tree, the key to the ancient Creed’s mysteries. Oranyon must face the ghosts of her past and fend off the new cult of fanatical, scarlet clad monks that are desperately trying to stop her.

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