About Me

I am an author with a disability, Dyslexia. I see letters, words and numbers all mixed up and backwards.

I quit school when I was sixteen and taught myself to read. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien was the first book I ever read. I started out reading with a dictionary in one hand and the book in the other. When I couldn’t puzzle words out with the help of the dictionary, I asked my mother for help. I loved the book then read the lord of the Rings trilogy. It took a while, but I got through them and enjoyed every word. Next was Ann McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern. They were more difficult, but I loved them and they gave me a passion for reading and writing. I wanted to write like Tolkien and McCaffery but for younger reader.

Well, all this reading gave me a little confidence and I took a couple of evening adult high school classes and I ended up finishing high school. School was difficult, but I decided to trudge on and went to community collage. This is where I learned about dyslexia from a councilor and started getting help with my disability. I now have a BA in education and a Master’s of Chinese Medicine. My mother wants me to go on for a Doctorate, but sorry Mom, I think I’ve proven myself in the education arena. Now it’s time to fulfill my writing dreams.

My dream is to write books that make children want to read, especially children with disabilities. That is why my main character, Oranyon, has a disability.

On my life’s journey I learned to meditate in the style of the Tibetan Buddhists. This meditation is so helpful in developing a calm mind, this helps with the dyslexia and concentration so I built some of the practice into my books as Mage meditations. To find out more about Buddhist meditation go to: https://www.tibetanbuddhistaltar.org/meditation-2/

When I’m not writing and reading, I knit and think about the story I’m writing. This is like breathing meditation except instead of placing a small amount of attention on the breath it is placed on knitting and the rest of the mind is free to create, I choose the thoughts I wish to observe and build on those, writing in this case.